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What matters to us is timeless design, sustainable quality and ecological awareness.

The SpiritBank Event Center is a multi-purpose venue that can accommodate large events such as concerts, trade shows, circuses, wrestling, basketball tournaments, and local high school and college graduation ceremonies, as well as smaller events such as professional training seminars or meetings, weddings, and receptions.

An Event Coordinator will be assigned to your event, with whom you may book advance planning meetings at your leisure. SpiritBank Center’s team will arrange for your move-in, move-out, and event hours. The SpiritBank Center’s Preferred Caterers are the only ones that can provide food and beverages for your dining event.



SpiritbankCenter is a Global managed facility that follows “VenueShield,” an enhanced environmental hygiene and operating policy that has been created for more than a hundred sites throughout the world. All processes have been reviewed and approved by public health officials, medical professionals, and industry specialists. Venue Shield eliminates physical contact points, improves venue sanitation and cleanliness, and offers health monitoring advice and services.

As part of their client experience strategy, several banks and financial services companies provide travel and leisure concierge services. These organizations may use open APIs to surface the most relevant lifestyle services to their customers on their digital platforms and applications, increasing customer acquisition, retention, engagement, and card spend.


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